About and Review Guidelines

Welcome to Retro Freak Reviews, where we’ll take a analytical look at past PC-only games of the 80s and 90s.

There are thousands of blogs and vlogs that review console games, but not many that review old PC games. So, I take upon myself to review all these games from my childhood.

However, there are some guidelines to my reviews:

First: I’ll only review games that were either released only for computers or that were released also for consoles approximately at the same time.

Second: Since I primarily had PC computers, I’ll only review DOS and Windows games, but I’ll mention other versions if I played them.

Third: I won’t review arcade or console ports, but I might mention them. Also I won’t review fan-made games and remakes, although I might mention the latter.

Fourth: I’ll compare the original games to its remakes and/or remasters if I played the latter.

Fifth: I’ll see if the game in question has aged well and still holds up to today standards.

Sixth: All the videos come directly from my Youtube page, unless I post videos from somebody else, which in that case all copyright and credits will be given.

Seventh: All comments and criticism will be welcome, except for hate speech and likewise. In other words, don’t be an asshole.

Eight: All sharing of posted reviews is not only permitted, but encouraged. However, don’t share my reviews and claim authorship. Come on, give all credit where is due, even mine.

Ninth: Don’t ask me where to obtain the games I review. If the game is freeware, I’ll add a link to it. If the game is abandonware, go search for it, it won’t be hard to find. If the game is still being sold, I’ll post a link to Steam or GOG.com, if not, then the game isn’t being sold digitally and therefore you’re on your own. I don’t and won’t endorse piracy!

Tenth: Most of the games featured are played in my PC using either Dosbox or ScummVM. Don’t ask how to setup them up. Information isn’t hard to find. However I can recommend D-fend Reloaded, it’s great!